Curious facts and recipes about Italian cuisine made in Calabria

  1. Tart with chestnut flour

    Tart with chestnut flour

    The scent of autumn is wafting into our kitchen today with a delicious chestnut flour tart. The filling is a tasty chestnut and chocolate cream.

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  2. Sweet and sour Tropea onions

    Sweet and sour Tropea onions

    Sweet and sour Tropea onions are so good! An extremely appetising side dish that can be prepared quickly and kept in the fridge for several days.

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  3. Tropea onion jam. Original recipe from Calabria

    Tropea onion jam

    The Tropea onion jam is a particular type of preserve with a strong sweet and sour taste that is prepared using the typical Tropea onions. Find out more.

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  4. Calabrian preserved peppers

    Calabrian preserved peppers

    Peppers in oil are a tasty way to eat this summer vegetable during the winter. They keep for up to six months and are great as a side dish or appetiser.

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  5. Fried cod with cruschi peppers

    Fried cod with cruschi peppers

    This recipe adds crunchy, unmistakable cruschi peppers to the classic fried cod. Find out more on the Bottega di Calabria blog.

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  6. Stockfish with potatoes Calabrian style

    Stockfish with potatoes

    Stockfish with potatoes, a typical dish from the town of Mammola in the province of Reggio Calabria, is a Calabrian recipe with a centuries-old tradition.

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  7. Aubergines, peppers and potatoes in Calabrian style

    Aubergines, peppers and potatoes

    Here is a tasty and colourful vegetarian dish, a must on Calabrian tables: aubergines and potatoes enrich this excellent peperonata. Find out more.

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  8. Calabrian taralli recipe

    Calabrian taralli

    The following recipe is for Calabrian taralli, boiled and then baked. This preparation makes the dough more crumbly. Find out more.

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  9. Home-made bergamot liqueur

    Bergamot liqueur

    The bergamot liqueur is simple and easy to prepare and has a fragrant, fresh and pleasant aroma. Find out more on our blog.

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  10. Black Pig of Calabria. The characteristics

    Black Pig of Calabria

    The Calabrian black pig breed is made up of specimens that produce a prized meat, suitable for the production of high quality sausages and hams.

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