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  1. Turnip greens and raw peppers

    Turnip greens and raw peppers

    A very tasty recipe to accompany meat or polenta dishes. Also great with fish, eggs and cheese.

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  2. Courgette omelette without oil

    Courgette omelette without oil

    How to make an excellent courgette omelette without using oil. A great dish that can also be used as a finger food for your hors d'oeuvres.

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  3. Steak in red wine

    Steak in red wine

    A quick and easy second course, cooking in red wine gives the steak a very special flavour.

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  4. How to make peas with bacon

    How to make peas with bacon

    A very tasty dish that is easy to prepare. The sweetness of the peas goes well with the intense flavour of the Calabrian bacon for a tasty side dish.

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  5. Vinitaly 2022. Lots of attendance at the Calabrian pavilion

    Vinitaly 2022

    Vinitaly 2022 (10-13 April 2022 - Verona Fiere), Italy's largest event dedicated to wines and spirits, will see Calabria play a leading role with a pavilion where sixty-eight exhibitors presented their wine and food products to the general public (a great many people attended the Calabrian pavilion). For the occasion, Calabria has set up a website to support the event and a dedicated toll-free number.

    Regional Councillor for Agriculture Gianluca Gallo expressed his satisfaction: "Calabria is returning to Vinitaly after two years, Italy is restarting and Calabria must also restart. We strongly believe in the wine-growing sector. Our territory has a great tradition, four protection consortia and we must build a Calabria brand. And the Region wants to support the extraordinary efforts made by our winegrowers in recent years. The inauguration was also attended by the regional president Roberto Occhiuto, who reiterated Calabria's increasingly important role in the wine world: "We are showing Italy that we have entrepreneurs who have nothing to send to those of other regions, and who produce real excellence.

    Among the Calabrian wine excellences present at Vinitaly 2022 also several brands present on Bottega di Calabria, among them: Tenuta Iuzzolini and Librandi.

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  6. Sausage and onion pizza

    Sausage and onion pizza

    Among the pizzas we love most here in Bottega di Calabria, the Pizza salsiccia e cipolla (sausage and onion) stands out, obviously prepared with our Calabrian sausage DOP and Tropea onion

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  7. Cold pasta with tomato and basil

    Cold pasta with tomato and basil

    Pasta prepared as a salad, cold with cherry tomatoes and basil, is a typical summer dish that allows those who just can't give up a first course to eat it without getting too hot

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