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  1. Stocco fish from Mammola, a Calabrian excellence... from Norway

    Stocco fish from Mammola

    Talking about the Reggio Calabria area it is impossible not to mention stocco from Mammola, one of the most appreciated products of the Calabrian culinary tradition.

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  2. Belmonte tomatoes and Tropea onions, the perfect salad

    Belmonte tomatoes and Tropea onions

    What could be better in summer than a salad with Belmonte tomatoes and Tropea onions? The original recipe can be found on the Bottega di Calabria blog!

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  3. Lemon from Rocca Imperiale PGI, characteristics and awards

    Lemon from Rocca Imperiale PGI

    Intense yellow, very fragrant, almost seedless, with a pleasant flavour and high juice yield. These are the characteristics of the Rocca Imperiale IGP lemon.

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  4. Raganella with anchovies, a dish from the Riviera dei Cedri

    Raganella with anchovies

    Raganella is a typical dish of the Riviera dei Cedri in which oregano, parsley and garlic are combined with the tasty local anchovies to create a triumph of flavours.

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  5. Wine and percoche, the sangria of southern Italy

    Wine and percoche

    The combination of wine and percoche, a type of yellow-fleshed peaches, is a typical custom in the regions of southern Italy. Find out more on our blog.

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  6. Caramelized Tropea onions

    Caramelized Tropea onions

    The particular consistency, the unmistakable ruby red colour and the sweet and light taste make the red onion of Tropea a real delight for every palate.

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