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  1. Fried pumpkin flower recipe

    Fried pumpkin flower recipe

    Pumpkin flower fritters are a typically Calabrian summer delicacy. Their crispy outside and soft inside texture makes them an irresistible appetiser or a perfect dish to serve during an aperitif.

    What makes them even more special is the possibility of varying their fillings or ingredients to suit everyone's taste: whether they are stuffed with caciosalame, or vegetarian with Tropea red onion, or with 'nduja di Spilinga for lovers of spicy flavours.

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  2. Tropea red onion pgi au gratin

    Tropea red onion pgi au gratin

    The red onion from Tropea IGP is one of the sweetest and most delicate onions: rich in sugar, it lends itself to countless combinations, starting with salads.

    Today we present the recipe for Tropea onions au gratin baked with seasoned pecorino cheese and chilli-flavoured evo oil.

    What are you waiting for to stock up on this typical product that is the pride of Calabrian cuisine?

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  3. Calabrian salad

    calabrian salad

    Today we propose the recipe of the Calabrian Salad, which differs from the others for the sweet and spicy contrast, given by the much-loved red onion of Tropea IGP and chili.

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  4. Calabrian arancini recipe

    Calabrian arancini recipe

    Arancini calabrian recipe combines authentic flavors and culinary tradition thanks the ingredients such as: rice from the Piana di Sibari, 'nduja from Spilinga, caciocavallo Dop Silano and IGP Tropea red onion. 

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