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  1. Meat pizzaiola with onion

    Meat pizzaiola with onion

    A meat dish that comes from the peasant tradition. Simple and tasty, it is an excellent dinner or lunch-saving recipe

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  2. Pasta tuna capers and anchovies

    Pasta tuna capers and anchovies

    A very appetizing pasta dish that can perfectly blend the flavors of capers with anchovies and tuna

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  3. Peppers stuffed with anchovies

    Peppers stuffed with anchovies

    Delicious to eat with a few slices of homemade bread, superb when paired with cheese and cured meats

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  4. Octopus and chickpea salad

    Octopus and chickpea salad

    This octopus and chickpea salad is very summery. A fresh dish, ideal as an appetiser full of flavours, aromas and colours.

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  5. Sauce with nduja

    Sauce with nduja - Bottega di Calabria

    The soft, creamy texture makes nduja perfect for blending with tomato sauce, giving it unique aromas and flavours

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  6. Pasta with Squid and Aubergines

    Pasta with squid and aubergines

    For a tasty and fragrant first course, we suggest this mouth-watering Pasta with Squid and Aubergines. If you wish, you could prepare the recipe without pasta and use the squid and aubergines as a second course, or as a topping for bread croutons or bruschetta.

    Needless to say, the dish renders best when prepared using aubergines in season and fresh squid, which you can recognise by their bright, intense-coloured skin and intact, firm tentacles. The flesh should be white and shiny; if the lighter part has a yellowish tinge, it means that the squid has been fished a few days ago and is therefore not very fresh.

    Pasta with squid and aubergines. The ingredients

    • 350g short pasta (try our Paccheri)

    • 400g squid

    • 1 clove of garlic

    • 2 aubergines

    • Pachino tomatoes to taste

    • 100ml dry white wine

    • Basil to taste

    • Extra virgin olive oil to taste

    • Salt and pepper to taste

    The recipe for Pasta with squid and aubergines

    Wash the aubergines well, then hull them. Cut the aubergines into slices, cut them into small pieces, place them in a colander and cover them with a layer of salt, then cover with a plate and place a weight on it. In this way the aubergines will purge the excess water. This will take about half an hour.

    Quickly rinse the aubergine chunks and dry them by blotting with a clean cloth. Drizzle a large pan with two turns of extra virgin olive oil; when the oil is hot, plunge the aubergines

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