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  1. Calabrian sushi recipe

    Calabrian sushi recipe

    Sushi, rolls or uromaki, is one of the most appreciated dishes of Japanese gastronomy. Today, we propose the Calabrian recipe, with the typical products and with the famous 'nduja of Spilinga.

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  2. Calabrian stuffed pasta recipe

    Calabrian stuffed pasta recipe

    To make Calabrian "china" (filled) pasta, a good fresh tomato sauce is used, enriched with tasty fried meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, sausage or sweet soppressata, caciocavallo silano, aged pecorino.

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  3. Crepes with spicy 'Nduja of Calabrian

    Crepes with spicy 'Nduja of Calabrian

    Savory crepes to Calabrian style: a filling with a strong flavor to experience the tasty reinterpretation of the traditional French dish with the typical products of our city.

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  4. Stroncatura, traditional Calabrian recipe

    Stroncatura, traditional Calabrian recipe

    Anyone with Calabrian origins knows well that the famous stroncatura can never be missing in the pantry.

    A traditional pasta format of durum wheat and wholemeal flour, bronze drawn, similar to very large fettuccine with a slightly sour taste and very rough, so as to retain the sauce.

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