Calabrian sushi recipe

Delicious rolls with rice flavored with 'nduja: the Calabrian sushi recipe can be cooked in a thousand and more variations giving space to creativity.


The ingredients to prepare Calabrian sushi

250g aubergine fillets

80g di Tuna fillets

60g di ‘Ndujia of Spilinga

10g di mousse of Tropea red onion PGI


How to prepare Calabrian sushi

Start by melting a little 'Ndujia on a stove and mix with fresh ricotta cheese, until you have a uniform and compact cream, like a topping the sushi rolls.

Then, take a sheet of plastic wrap and cover it with the aubergine fillets, put over the rice cooked and roll out well without leaving any gaps.

After that, continue to spread, over the rice, tuna fillets and Tropea red onion mousse.

Proceed slowly to close to roll everything.

Hold on in the fridge around 5/10 minutes and cut into cylinders, for a length of 5 cm.

Now, you can seasoning and plating up with brushed 'Nduja on the top and slices of fresh pepper or Tropea red onion.


Enjoy the taste with a glass of White wine PGI.