“Strozzapreti” Pasta with Turnips Cream and Sausage Recipe

The Strozzapreti are a type of Italian pasta, whose name derives from a legend, according to which the priests took away the eggs to the Azdore. They remained without the raw material to make fresh pasta and so they were forced to create a mixture made only of water and flour. While preparing this pasta, they wished the priest to choke himself by eating the eggs seized. It is a very versatile type of pasta that we will present in combination with turnips cream and sweet sausage, following the recipe of the Calabrian tradition, which originates more precisely on the Silano Plateau. A simple dish but with a unique taste, which will win you over at the first taste. Are you curious? Let's find out what it is!

“Strozzapreti” Pasta with Turnips Cream and Sausage Recipe

The necessary ingredients are as follows:

-          1 jar of turnips cream

-          200 g of sweet sausage

-          1 clove of garlic

-          extra virgin olive oil

-          hot pepper

-          400 g of strozzapreti pasta

-          grated cheese

How to prepare “Strozzapreti” Pasta with Turnips Cream and Sausage

In a non-stick pan add the oil, the clove of garlic, the chili and the sweet sausage cut into small pieces. It will take about 2/3 minutes of cooking, then you can combine the turnips cream and keep warm.

Meanwhile, place a large pot with salted water to cook pasta.

Once the pasta is ready, drain it while keeping aside a little cooking liquid if the sauce is too tight.

Sauté the strozzapreti in a pan with the turnips cream, the sausage and a little bit of oil. Off the heat, add some grated cheese.

Your dish is ready. Enjoy your meal!