1. The history of panettone

    Traditional handmade panettone

    The origins of panettone can be found in the medieval custom of celebrating Christmas with bread that was richer than everyday bread. Find out more.

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  2. Black Pig of Calabria. The characteristics

    Black Pig of Calabria

    The Calabrian black pig breed is made up of specimens that produce a prized meat, suitable for the production of high quality sausages and hams.

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  3. The citrus fruits of Calabria

    Citrus fruits of Calabria

    Oranges, clementines, mandarins, citrons and bergamots. Did you know that Calabria produces about a quarter of the national production of citrus fruits? Find out more.

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  4. Soverato chilli pepper, history and curiosities

    Soverato chilli pepper

    The Soverato chilli pepper, which has exceptional aromatic properties with a medium pungency, is an essential ingredient of typical Calabrian cuisine.

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  5. Calabrian rice, one of the best in Italy

    Calabrian rice from Sibari

    Among the many products of our land, for some years now rice has also been making its appearance, in this case that of Sibari. Find out more.

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  6. How to preserve Calabrian nduja

    Calabrian nduja

    Gut or jar? Visit the Bottega di Calabria blog and find out now which are the most effective methods to perfectly preserve Calabrian nduja.

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  7. Peperoncino Calabrese: history and uses in the kitchen

    Peperoncino Calabrese

    With its unmistakable scent and aroma, Peperoncino Calabrese is a spice used in many traditional recipes. Read more.

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  8. Cardoncelli mushrooms, characteristics and uses in cooking

    Cardoncelli mushrooms

    The cardoncello, whose scientific name is Pleurotus eryngii, is a delicious mushroom, very fleshy, firm and particularly tasty. Find out more on our blog.

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  9. How to cook broad beans

    How to cook broad beans

    Broad beans, tasty and low-calorie legumes, are ideal for filling up on vitamins and fibre. Discover how to cook them with Bottega di Calabria.

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  10. Calabrian black pork: history and characteristics

    Calabrian black pork

    The Calabrian black pork is one of the indigenous Italian pig breeds, an excellence of the Calabrian territory. Find out more on our blog.

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