Calabrian amaro

Calabria is an exporter of elixirs capable of conquering the whole world. Officinal herbs, unique citrus fruits and sometimes 'fantastic' recipes are the basis of an unparalleled success that has nothing to do with fashion.

The secret lies in the ability to tell the story of a unique territory, an integral part of Southern Italy and Magna Graecia. Through simple sips, these small artisans are able to export the true character of a land that is rich, hard and sweet at the same time. And in the wide range of liqueur production, no product is able to embrace all the excellences of the Calabrian land more than the amaro: on the one hand, the dichotomy of flavours typical of this product, on the other, the intimate link with the same herbs and plants that grow luxuriantly between Reggio Calabria and the Lao River reserve.

Amaro Mzero, a concentrate of Mediterranean flavour

Calabria has been awarded two titles at the World Liquer Awards 2021: the World's Best Herbal and World's Best Bitter went to Rupes Gold and Mzero Sea Amaro respectively. The World Liquer Awards (an offshoot of the Worlds Drinks Awards) travelled to the Riviera dei Cedri, a coastline of stark contrasts, the same as Mzero Sea Amaro, which combines seawater, the particular salinity typical of everything that grows practically on the shore, and citron. A concentrate of Mediterranean flavour, poised between salt and citrus, which makes Mzero an innovative product and which identifies with a trend that is increasingly present in contemporary bitters and bitters: modulating the nuances of flavour and olfactory scents with irreverent notes.

Amaro Jefferson, the exaltation of Calabrian citrus fruits

The symbol of this Calabrian bitter wave is definitely Jefferson, the secret recipe produced by Vecchio Magazzino Doganale. Winner of the World Liquer Awards in 2018, it is loved for its rural feel, as well as its own production and controlled harvesting of raw materials: bergamot, bitter and sweet oranges, rosemary, eucalyptus, oregano and other bittering herbs. A strong citrus presence that allows Jefferson to pass through the blending door, becoming a substitute for more proper bitters, thanks to its extremely versatile body.