Amaro Mzero

Another one from Calabria, after Jefferson awarded in 2018, among the best bitters in the world in 2021: it is Mzero, produced in the Riviera dei Cedri. The decision is by the jury of the World Liqueur Awards competition, an international competition held every year in England designed to celebrate world excellence in alcoholic beverages.

Mzero is the world's first bitter made with seawater and citron, whose tasting experience evokes the warm, fragrant notes of the sea and the Mediterranean summer. Each ingredient is carefully selected to offer the taste of summer, that feeling of a cool breeze on a warm Italian evening. A special feature appreciated by the authoritative British judges, who chose the citrusy, salty flavour of Mzero as the flavour of the year, naming it the best Italian bitter and the best bitter in the world for 2021.

Amaro Mzero, the new gold of Diamante

The mayor of Diamante, Ernesto Magorno, congratulated Mzero and, in a note, said: "He congratulates Raffaele Cammarella for the extraordinary award of best bitter in the world 2021 obtained by Mzero, which he produced in the city of Diamante. The bitter, which has the particularity of being prepared with sea water and citron, was indicated as the best Italian bitter and the best bitter in the world 2021, beating out the competition and winning over the prestigious jury during the World Liqueur Awards".

The mayor emphasises: "This award rewards Cammarella's inventiveness and tenacity, and makes us happy because MZero enhances two elements that are dear to our traditions and history: the citron and the sea, reinterpreting them to build a success story that looks to the future. We also know that the bottles of this bitter are made from zero-impact and 100% recyclable materials, and this can only be a reason for further praise. Diamante - concludes Magorno - has a new source of pride, a world champion bitter, and this is why I would like to congratulate Cammarella once again and encourage him to continue on his successful path with passion”.