Nduja: how a poor Italian food conquered London

Nduja, the soft and spicy salami typical of Calabria, is conquering restaurants, food and consumer tastes throughout Europe. According to Google Trends its popularity is constantly growing especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is one of the most requested ethnic products, and there is an increase in demand also in Northern Europe, with Italy continuing to be in first place as interest.

Why nduja is so popular?

But how has a product of the Italian peasant culture conquered London restaurants? According to some British chefs, the strength of nduja lies in its spicy flavor, defined as a pure pleasure of the senses, and in its incredible versatility in the kitchen, whose only limit seems to be given by the chef's imagination. In fact, it can be used to flavor first courses - a must try pasta with nduja sauce! - to stuff pizza or to accompany aperitivi and appetizers, spreading nduja on slices of hot bread or bruschetta.

Where to buy nduja?

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