Neapolitan pizza

Raise your hand if you can not give in at least once in a while to the flattery that only a good steaming pizza can give. Let's talk about comfort food, food that cuddles!

Comfort food is that food that restores body and soul, that dish that after a bad day has the power to make us feel protected, pampered and satisfied. The adjective comfort indicates the ability of food to comfort, console, pamper and satisfy both physical and, above all, emotional needs.

To each one their own good mood dishes

There is no comfort food suitable for everyone, each one of us confides his or her weaknesses, makes up for his or her shortcomings in a particular dish, because it is linked to completely personal feelings. Lasagne, meatballs, apple pie, pizza... everything can be comfort food, from junk food to traditional dishes.

Let's discover together 5 dishes of good humour to pamper ourselves a bit.


Ravioli, like the ones your grandmother usually prepared on Sunday. Fresh pasta is one of the comfort food par excellence, which lends itself to numerous formats and fillings.

Pasta and beans

Do you remember the pot over the fire that boiled for hours and cooked that hot, creamy, enveloping soup? Pasta and beans is a typical dish of country cooking, and in every family there is at least one secret trick to make it perfect.

Potato croquettes (with nduja)

Crunchy breadcrumb, soft and tasty heart, are the main characteristics of success of this simple and loved dish even by children. Here is the complete recipe.


It is impossible not to mention pizza among the comfort food of excellence. Perfect to enjoy on weekends, to be eaten on the sofa wrapped in a plaid or together with your best friends.


Sink the spoon into a jar of an enveloping and creamy tiramisu, perhaps on the sofa in front of a nice tearjerker film.