Calabrian Susumelle recipe

You can not imagine Calabrian Christmas without a nice tray full of susumelle with sugar icing, dark chocolate or white chocolate being brought to the table at dessert time. Typical sweets with an ovoid or rhombus shape that have an intense and unmistakable flavor, given by homey and chocolate, as well as by the candied fruit present in its dough.
The history of Calabrian susumelle is very ancient and someone think that the word "susumelle" means "caress", thus wanting to highlight the gluttony of the dessert itself. For others, however, the term could derive from the Greek word  "Mel", that means honey, according to the ingredients.

The ingredients of Calabrian susumelle 

  • 500g Flour 00
  • 200g Sugar
  • 60 ml Milk
  • 250g Acacia Honey
  • Still water as required
  • Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • 100g dark chocolate

How to prepare Traditional Calabrian Christmas Susumelle at home

In a pot put on water and honey, transfer to cooking fire and melt over low heat.

Separately, sift the flour and the yeast in a bowl, add cocoa, cinnamon, milk and the melted honey.

At this point, begin to knead, until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Roll the dough about 1 cm thick. Cut out oval shapes on the dough and bake at 180° for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate on cooking fire to cover your biscuits once baked and let cool and solidify for 1 hour.


You can serve your biscuits accompanied by a flavored grappa with peperoncino