The seasonality vegetable harvest on the table, with a broccoli recipe enhanced by a strong taste of Calabrian red chili.

The Broccoli drowned, better knows as "vruacculi affucati", is a traditional recipe of Calabrian land that cook the vegetable in their cooking water, enriched by the red chili spicy note.

Ingredients of Calabrian’s drowned Broccoli

The recipe of Calabrian’s Broccoli drowned

Clean the broccoli well, removing the hardest leaves and wash them in plenty of water. In a frying pan, add the extravirgin olive oil, garlic and red chilli and begin to fry the garlic, until it becomes golden.

Remove the broccoli from the washing water and add to the pan. Cook slowly, covering the pan with a lid, and add salt. The plate is ready to serve, perfectly with meat dishes, as well as a condiment for pasta.

For this dish we suggest a good glass of Magliocco bio, red and full-bodied.