Tropea onion and spring onion: characteristics and differences

Onion is one of the most used and appreciated ingredients in the kitchen. In every region of Italy it is used to flavour many sauces and to enrich salads and main courses, both meat and fish.

But be careful: don't make the common mistake of confusing the onion with the spring onion, because they are products with completely different characteristics. Especially if we talk about the Tropea red onion PGI, to be considered a culinary excellence of the Calabrian territory now recognized throughout the world.

Characteristics of Tropea red onion PGI

In Calabria it seems that the onion was introduced by the Phoenicians in the Vibo Valentia area. Today the red onion of Tropea is appreciated worldwide, in fact every great chef uses it in his kitchen. Not only a condiment, but a main ingredient with which to create tasty and richly flavoured dishes.

Very sweet, crunchy and red, these are the characteristics that make it so desired and attractive; for its qualities it is called "Calabrian Red Gold". In a fresh and dry place it can be kept even up to four weeks, in boxes or assembled in the characteristic braided shape typical of the shops in Tropea or Capo Vaticano.

Characteristics of spring onion

The spring onion is an early variety of onion that is harvested when the bulb is not yet fully formed. It is tender and has a delicate taste, characteristics that make it pleasant even when raw. Unlike onions, spring onions are very perishable and can be stored for about three days in the fridge.

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