Sustainable packaging: because recycling is better than wasting

Bottega di Calabria, always attentive to environmental sustainability, has for years been the promoter of its own eco-sustainable system based on three essential imperatives: recycle, reduce, reuse.

What for many could be a mere packaging process, in the logistics of Bottega di Calabria becomes a basic procedure, carried out with meticulous care starting from the choice of packaging: our staff evaluate the order and before resorting to the use of a new and specific box – which is still obtained from sustainable materials and from responsibly managed primary sources – they evaluate the recycling of skilfully reconditioned packaging from suppliers.

A conscious choice that leads our company to recycle 60% of the envelopes received from third parties. The same logic is applied in the fillers, such as in the paper recovered from selected pulp or in the use of the bubble wrap to preserve the glass packages.

Our goal? Take advantage of agreements with suppliers and use more eco-friendly materials to reach 80% of recycling. This is also an important step to improve the consumer shopping experience and the disposal of the packaging at their home.