Beans salad: the Calabrian recipe

This recipe is inspired by that of our friend Peppe M., originally from Campania but deeply linked to the Calabrian territory.

The beans salad is a tasty dish, easy to make and also perfect for those who follow a vegetarian diet. For this recipe you can use both fresh and canned beans, in the first case you have to keep them soaking for one night and cook for 40 minutes in lightly salted water.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 400 g of fresh of borlotti beans
  • 2 Belmonte tomatoes
  • 1 Tropea red onion PGI
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • EVO oil
  • Salt

How to make the Calabrian beans salad

After soaking for one night, cook the beans for 40 minutes in lightly salted water, drain and allow to cool.

In the meantime, cut the tomatoes into pieces and the onion into strips, chop the basil and add the beans. Add salt (and chili powder, if desired), season with oil and mix everything, then sprinkle with a handful of Calabrian oregano.

Finally, let the bean salad rest in the fridge until it is served. Your loved ones will love it, try it to believe it!