Megonio 2019 Librandi

Megonio 2019 Librandi, red IGT Calabria, is the best Italian wine according to the Vitae 2022 guide book, the wine "bible" of AIS sommeliers.

With a stratospheric score (99/100), the Calabrian red is the only wine to reach the top of the special list of the best Italian wines.

It is a wine from the Librandi company in Cirò Marina, produced with an ancient native variety: Magliocco, which is grown and processed exclusively within the borders of Calabria.

Vitae 2022, the official guide book of the AIS sommeliers

The recognition of the AIS guide book, with a score that has no precedent, crowns the Megonio 2019 giving credit to the company and giving value to the oenological potential of the entire Calabrian territory.

The authoritativeness of the guide book is beyond question. Vitae 2022 is the editorial summa of the AIS, Italian Sommelier Association, which is the most important Italian wine association.

Pure Magliocco, cultivated with age-old wisdom and avant-garde techniques of precision viticulture. The 'secrets' of Megonio? Clayey-calcareous soil, low planting density and yield.

This wine is dedicated to an influential Calabrian personality of the 2nd century: Manio Megonio Leone, a member of the Megonii family of Petelia (Strongoli), owners of an immense latifundium full of vineyards that extended from Crotone to Cariati and beyond. Nicodemo and Antonio Librandi wanted to honour him by picking up his legacy.

Cantina Librandi, a four-generation winemaking tradition

The Librandi family have been cultivating vines for four generations and have been bottling wine since the 1950s. By keeping alive the original roots and the patience and tenacity of those who work in the vineyards, the company has long been one of the leaders not only in the southern Italy panorama.