How to prepare aubergines ‘in carrozza’

The Calabrian aubergines 'in carrozza' are a tasty and very easy to prepare appetizer.

Aubergines 'in carrozza': the ingredients

  • 2 small aubergines
  • 150 g of caciocavallo cheese
  • 150 g of spicy spianata
  • 200 g of bread crumb
  • 50 g of aged pecorino cheese
  • 1 egg
  • Flour
  • Peanut oil

Aubergines 'in carrozza': the recipe

Wash the aubergines and cut them into thin slices on the short side. Flour each slice, then make sandwiches with a slice of caciocavallo cheese and a slice of spicy spianata in the middle.

Mix in a bowl grated pecorino cheese and bread crumb. Holding the aubergine sandwiches firmly with the hands, pass them in the beaten egg and then in the mixture. Repeat the operation in order to create a thick breading that prevents the cheese from coming out during cooking.

At this point heat the peanut oil in a high-sided pot and fry the aubergines 'in carrozza' for a few minutes until golden brown. Drain them and put them on absorbent paper. It is recommended to taste them with a lively and fragrant sparkling white wine.