Christmas baskets: “Tesoro di Alarico”, history and flavors of Calabria

There is a Christmas tradition that will never fade, especially in Calabria. We are talking about the Christmas basket.

In this period of the year, these popular baskets begin to pop up everywhere. Big, small, colorful, we can find so many on the market. However, today we want to introduce you to the king of Christmas baskets: the "Tesoro di Alarico".

We have selected very high-quality food products which surely will not disappoint even the most finicky palates.

It is a wide collection of typical products such as Calabrian black pig cured meats, which was elected in 2015 as the best Italian product. Capocollo, nduja, sausage and soppressata are the types of cured meats that we have carefully selected for this special basket.

You would also love porcini mushrooms handcrafted by LunaFunghi. Plus, the olive pate produced by BuoniBuoni with the best olives and almonds, perfect to taste with bruschetta and pasta dishes.

The gift basket also includes two truly must-eat products: the fettuccine pasta flavored with red wine and cuttlefish ink from the Ricca pasta factory.

In the basket, we also add an original "airmail envelope" containing three mix of spices that is excellent for dressing pasta.

But it doesn't end here. You cannot miss a unique dish in Calabrian Christmas table: dried figs stuffed with almonds and flavored with cinnamon.

The last riches in the basket is the Red Wine Ricupo from the Farneto cantine which selects the best Calabrian grapes. A wine with a fruity and intense aroma and a pleasant taste.

Therefore, if you are looking for an original idea to amaze even the pickiest connoisseurs, the "Tesoro di Alarico" gift basket is definitely the one for you.

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