Caseificio Stirparo

The Stirparo company has its roots and its origins in Cutro, a hilly and fertile area located in Crotone countryside where there are plenty of plants. A set of clay formations, fantastic olive groves and vast stretches of steppes, with the typical plants of the Mediterranean area, help Stirparo to produce high-quality milk, obtained by local cattle fed in the most natural way.

Since 1960, the main product of Stirparo business has been milk, which well describes the family’s passion and history. An adventure began in a land rich in history, where sheep and cows have found their ideal habitat providing high-quality products.

Among the various products of Caseificio Stirparo, pecorino represents the core business of the company. The meticulous craftsmanship and careful origin control for each ingredient guarantee the uniqueness, quality and flavor of the final product.

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