Sweet peppers "Cruschi" 60g - Sarubbi

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"Cruschi" are sweet red peppers that are dried and fried for a few seconds in oil; the temperature change causes the vegetable to become crispy. They can be used as a side dish or snack, or as an ingredient in other typical dishes.

Product recommended by the Italian Chilli Academy.


Ingredients: dried sweet peppers 98%, extra virgin olive oil, salt
Quantity: 60g
Storage: fresh and dry place. Once the jar has been opened, consume immediately so as not to lose the crunch
Origin: produced and packaged by Sarubbi Srl, Santa Maria del Cedro (Cosenza)

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Nutrition Facts
Nutrition facts serving size 100g
Calories Kj/Kcal 435/181
Proteins g 5,5
Carbohydrates g 37,1
Sugars g 24
Fats g 29,4
Saurated fats g 4
Salt g 2,2
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