Seasoned Italian Capocollo - Salumificio Fratelli Pulice

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Salumificio Fratelli Pulice produces typical Calabrian cured meats with skilful craftsmanship since four generations.

Capocollo is one of the Calabria's finest cured meats. Gluten-free and without milk derivatives, capocollo is prepared using the anatomical piece of meat that is between the head and the loin, boned and flavored with red pepper. It is wrapped in natural casing then proceeding to the traditional binding, in an enveloping sense, with twine. Finally it undergoes a slow and patient maturation for over one hundred days.

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Cured meats, Capocollo,

Ingredients: pork meat, salt, spices, seasonings, dextrose.
Quantity: 1,7 kg
Packaging: vacuum-sealed
Storage:  2°C/10°C - 180 days.
Origin: produced and packed by Salumificio Fratelli Pulice, Carolei (Cosenza), Italy.

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Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts Serving Size 100g
Calories 290
Total Fat g 20
Saturated Fat g 8
Carbohydrates g 0,2
Sugars g 0,2
Proteins g 26,3
Salt g 4,6

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