Carnaroli rice from the Sibari plain - Magisa

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Rice grown and produced in an artisanal manner in the Sibari plain of Calabria, superfine and with low glutinosity, this rice is considered one of the best national rice varieties, used by star chefs to prepare delicious dishes. Able to remain al dente at all times, with large, tapered grains, this rice is excellent for preparing risottos while retaining its starch and absorbing liquids during cooking.

Gluten free, Organic foods,

Quantity: 1kg
Packaging: Vacuum
Origin: produced and packaged by Magisa Srl - Zona Industriale - 87076 Villapiana (CS)

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Nutrition Facts
Valori Nutrizionali per 100 g di prodotto
Valore Energetico Kj/Kcal 1460/349
Grassi totali 1,0 g
Acidi grassi saturi <0,1 g
Acidi grassi trans <0,1 g
Colesterolo <0,1 g
Carboidrati disponibili 77,4 g
Zuccheri solubili <1 g
Fibra alimentare 1,3 g
Sostanze azotate totali (proteine) 7,7 g
Vitamina D <0,1 mg
Potassio <0,1 mg
Calcio <0,1 mg
Ferro 0,88 mg/kg
Sale <0,1 g
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