Red Wine Ricupo - Cantine Farneto del Principe

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Rosso Ricupo is a Calabrian red wine made by Cantine Farneto del Principe and obtained from the finest selection of grape varieties such as Magliocco, Calabrese and Castigliose and represents the essence of the Calabrian grape varieties cultivated since ancient times on the hills of Altomonte.

The grapes are handpicked and vinified separately in small boxes with natural fermentation to preserve the characteristics of individual grape varieties. Then the wine is aged for at least 14 months in small barrels of fine French oak and during this period it refines its bouquet, and it captures the complexity typical of the great red wines. It looks like a well-structured wine with an intense aromatic framework, fruity with a pleasant spicy flavor. In the mouth has an inviting flavor with a dense tannic structure of great value that make it ideal to accompany meat dishes of great importance, cheeses and we can also say that this wine is a good conversation wine. 
Serve at about 18-20° C.

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Grape variety: Magliocco, Calabrese and Castiglione
Alcohol content: 14.5%
Quantity: 75 cl
Packaging: glass bottle
Origin: produced and bottled by Cantine Farneto del Principe, Altomonte (Cosenza)

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