Pecorino Cheese Semi Hard - Caseificio Stirparo

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Semi-hard pecorino is an Italian cheese produced exclusively using controlled quality sheep's milk. Semi-hard pecorino is a leading product of the Caseificio Stirparo dairy.

Semi-hard pecorino is a traditional product of southern Italy that comes from the processing of high quality sheep's milk. Once the cheese has been made, it is left to rest for some time and then it ages for a few months. The aging process gives it a yellow color and a strong taste.

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Ingredients: sheep milk, natural milk enzymes, rennet, salt
Weight: 400 g approx. / 500 g approx.
Packaging: vacuum-packed
Storage: 0 ° C / 4 ° C
Origin: produced and packaged by Caseificio Stirparo, Cutro (KR), Italy

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Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts Serving Size 100g
Energy Value Kj/Kcal 1734,7/416
Humidity 32,8 %
Fat 31,8 %
Proteins 30,2 %
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