Pecorino Cheese flavoured with Red WIne - Caseificio Stirparo

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Pecorino cheese flavoured with red wine is another Italian specialty produced exclusively by the Stirparo Dairy. Its production takes place through the processing of pasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, salt and natural milk ferments. Pecorino with red wine is a unique cheese defined by a truly pleasant taste. It is produced like all other types of pecorino cheese.

From the studies carried out and from the consulted reading the average life of the product is 6 months at a temperature between 0/8 ° C, during this period the product maintains its organoleptic and microbiological characteristics stable, even if they are kept stable for a longer period, at least up to 8 months.

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Ingredients: sheep's milk, rennet, salt, natural milk enzymes
Weight: 400 g approx. / 500 g approx. / 650 g approx. / 1.1 kg approx.
Packaging: vacuum-packed
Storage: 0° C / 4° C
Origin: produced and packaged by Caseificio Stirparo, Cutro (KR), Italy

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Nutrition Facts
Valori Nutrizionali per 100g di prodotto
Valore Energetico Kj/Kcal 1609,6/386
Secco a 105°C 59 %
Umidità 41 %
Lipidi 26,94 %
di cui saturi 17,12 %
Carboidrati 3,6 %
di cui zuccheri 0,73 %
NaCi 2,4 %
Proteine 27,4 %
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