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Organic Italian Eucalyptus Honey - ADA Società Agricola


Eucalyptus honey is always characterized by a particularly low level of humidity (with a percentage that is around even 14%) and, for this reason, the density is higher.

This particular type of honey is characterized by denoting an amber coloration, which in many cases has the tendency to become gray (especially after the crystallization phase occurs) and crystallizes until it reaches particularly fine grains and has a consistency decidedly united and compact.

During the crystallization phase, eucalyptus honey has the particular characteristic of taking a much clearer color, until it reaches a color similar to ivory.

Properties and uses:

Eucalyptus honey can boast a great number of antispasmodic properties and that fight the phlegm.

It is a honey that is taken into particular consideration because of the fact that it is also able to perform important emollient, soothing activities, especially against a disease so widespread during the winter season such as cough.

In addition, eucalyptus honey performs its beneficial activity also in the airways and the respiratory system, carrying out a precise antiseptic action.

Also from the antiseptic point of view, eucalyptus honey is also used to treat the urinary and intestinal tract. In particular, this honey is extremely widespread in the herbal field, due to the fact that it can be used for a large number of therapeutic purposes.

The beneficial virtues of eucalyptus honey, therefore, are the same as those attributed to the essential oil of the same name: in practice they are properties that allow to fight effectively the common illnesses and disorders that occur during the winter season, caused from the cold and from the lowering of the temperatures.

For this reason, eucalyptus honey is one of the main natural remedies that can counteract colds and coughs.


Ingredients: eucalyptus honey
Weight: 50 gr / 200 gr / 500 gr
Packaging: glass jar
Origin: produced and packaged by ADA Società Agricola, Corigliano Calabro (CS), Italy.

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