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Clementine honey is one of the most appreciated honey for its properties and organoleptic characteristics. The largest production of clementine honey is in the citrus groves of the Sibari plain in the Calabria region, where this culture is practiced in large extensions. The clementine belongs to the Rutaceae family, is a hybrid obtained by crossing the mandarin orange and bitter orange. It is a small sturdy tree, with rounded and expanded foliage. The leaves are evergreen, the flowers are small, white, fragrant, single or aggregate; the flowering is abundant but the fruiting is rather late. Pollination is entomophilous, operated by bees and other pollinating insects. The fruit, the clementine, is a small-sized berry, also called Esperidium, well-rounded, with a smooth or slightly wrinkled, thin skin, which easily detaches from the endocarp and is orange in color. The endocarp is divided into several segments delimited by thin membranous walls containing the juicy, sweet pulp, of an intense and fragrant orange color.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Clementino honey is characterized by an intense perfume and a light, slightly amber color with a tendency towards rapid crystallization assuming an almost white color. Its taste is delicate and contains floral scents.

Properties and uses:

This honey has sedative and antispasmodic properties and is perfect for those suffering from insomnia and migraine. It is also indicated for those who are subject to ulcers, because it is healing.
It is one of the most universally appreciated table honeys, because its floral aroma amazes pleasantly and goes well with almost all sweet foods. However, it is particularly sensitive to cooking and its peculiar characteristics will be better exploited by cold uses. Try it to sweeten and flavor yogurt, whipped cream and desserts made with cream, mascarpone or ricotta.
Its consumption is ideal if dissolved in tea, because it gives a really fragrant aroma. In Calabria it is used for the preparation of desserts and to accompany cheese.

Although beneficial, this honey is very caloric and rich in sugar, so it should be consumed sparingly.


Ingredients: clementine honey
Weight: 50 gr / 200 gr / 500 gr
Packaging: glass jar
Origin: produced and packaged by ADA Società Agricola, Corigliano Calabro (CS), Italy.

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