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Acacia honey is characterized by an extremely clear, limpid and transparent color, it does not crystallize if perfectly pure. Sweet taste, extremely delicate taste. Just this feature makes it suitable for use even where you do not want to alter the taste of the dish, but you just want to give sweetness, scent and an imperceptible note of honey.

Properties and uses:

Blandissimo laxative, helps to detoxify the liver and to blast the respiratory tract. Excellent with fresh or slightly aged cheeses, spread on bread or biscuits, to make biscuits and desserts, to sweeten without giving too much honey aroma to the dishes. Less suitable for very tasty or spicy dishes: it does not go particularly well, in fact, with very aged cheeses or flavored. It is very digestible and can also be used by diabetics, due to its low content of complex sugars and high fructose percentage. It does not contain gluten and therefore ideal for coeliacs.

It can also be used in the preparation of cosmetic recipes for the face and body, such as creams, ointments, but above all masks.

Although beneficial, this food is very caloric and rich in sugar, so it should be consumed sparingly.


Ingredients: acacia honey
Weight: 50 gr / 200 gr / 500 gr
Packaging: glass jar
Origin: produced and packaged by ADA Società Agricola, Corigliano Calabro (CS), Italy.

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