Organic Chestnut Flour 500 g - ALPA

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The craftsmanship, which does not involve the use of colorants and preservatives, allows to better preserve the characteristics of the fruit.
Drying takes place in traditional buildings into which hot air is slowly and gradually introduced. After a careful qualitative selection, the semi-finished product is placed in the hammer mill, used only for the milling of the chestnut, therefore free of any other contamination.
The Organic Chestnuts Flour can be used to make bread and other mixtures for cakes and rustic and is particularly suitable for the preparation of pancakes, pasta and other savory recipes.
Containing about 15% of fiber and for its nutritional properties is very suitable to replace sugar in recipes and being gluten-free is indicated for those suffering from celiac disease.


Ingredients: 100% of organic dried chestnuts
Quantity: 500 g 
Storage: fresh and dry place
Origin: produced and packaged by A.L.P.A. sas - Cosenza

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Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts Serving Size 100g
Energy Value Kcal/Kj 336,7/1409,7
Total Fats g 3,5
Satured Fats g 0,55
Carbohydrates g 70,5
Sugars g 48,50
Proteins g 5,8
Salt g 0,03
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