Herb liqueur 70 cl - Manfredi

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Amaro is a liqueur made from officinal herbs, medicinal roots and citrus peel. The flagship product of Manfredi liqueurs, Amaro contains the active ingredients of many beneficial herbs, flowers, fruits and roots of the land of Calabria, which infuse in fine alcohol, help digestion and give a feeling of well-being pleasant in every occasion and at any time of day.

With a bright brown color, a full and soft taste and with its characteristic and arid citrus scent of Magna Graecia, Amaro Manfredi is to be tasted smooth, fresh or with ice and an orange slice.


Quantity: 70 cl
Alcohol content: 30%
Packaging: glass bottle
Originproduced and bottled by SCM Srl, Laurignano (Cosenza)

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