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Goat's cheese is a fresh or semi-hard cheese made from the artisan processing of goat's milk. Caseificio Stirparo produces the finest  goat's cheese by using ingredients made in the Calabria territory. Its processing is controlled from the first to the last step in order to guarantee quality and an outstanding taste.

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Ingredients: goat's milk, rennet, salt, natural milk enzymes
Weight: 0,650 kg approx.
Packaging: vacuum-packed
Storage: 0 ° C / 4 ° C
Origin: produced and packaged by Caseificio Stirparo, Cutro (KR), Italy

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Nutrition Facts
Valori Nutrizionali per 100g di prodotto
Valore Energetico Kj/Kcal 1123/268
Lipidi 21,08 %
di cui saturi 14,57 %
Carboidrati 0,89 %
di cui zuccheri 0,89 %
Sale 0,73 %
Proteine 18,52 %
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