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Also known as ox eyes, these irresistible crumbly, fragrant cookies are filled with bergamot jam. Perfect for breakfast or a tasty snack.


Ingredients: 00 flour, sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable daisies, fresh eggs, fresh milk, powdered milk, starch, bergamot juice and pulp, vanilla, baking powder. Filling: bergamot jam paste
Quantity: 180g
Storage: fresh and dry place, away from heat sources
Origin: produced and packaged by Prodotti Artigianali Graziano Zenone, Marina di gioiosa (Reggio Calabria)

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Nutrition Facts
Nutrion facts Serving size 100g
Calories Kcal/Kj 255/1055
Fats g 2,3
Saturated fats g 0,7
Carbohydrates g 53,2
Sugars g 16
Proteins g 7,9
Salt g 0,02
Fiber g 5,2

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