Figs stuffed with Walnuts "Nocchette" 250g - Firo Fichi

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FIRO figs are the excellent result of a perfect combination: the encounter between delicious baked figs stuffed with walnuts or almonds and a pure chocolate covering. A delight that brings us back to the simple and genuine flavors of a distant time.

Desserts, Figs,

Ingredients: baked figs (Calabria origin) 85%, 8% walnuts, candied orange (orange peel, glucose syrup, fructose, sucrose), cinnamon, sulfur dioxide.
Quantity: 250 g
Conservation method: it is advisable to keep in a cool and dry place and not in contact with direct sunlight.
Shell life: 12 months
Origin:produced and packaged by: FI.RO. di Cuglietta Roberto, Amantea (CS)

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Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts Serving Size 100g
Calories Kcal/Kj 327/1374
Fats g 7,80
... of saturated Fats g 0,00
Carbohydrates g 54
... of sugars g 54
Proteins g 4,2
Salt g 0,19
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