Calabrian black pork sausage curved 300 g - Salumi Benedetto

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The homemade sausage is a selected pork salami stuffed into natural gut shaped like a horseshoe.
When cut, the meat has a medium grain with fat well distributed along the surface of the slice, to give back to the palate a harmony of tastes decided but balanced by particular spices, which enhance the flavor while maintaining the persistence in the mouth.

Ingrendients: Calabrian black pork meatsalt, sugars (dextrose, sucrose), aromas and spices. Antioxidants E301; preservatives E252, E250
Quantity: 300 g approx. / 400 g approx.
Packaging: vacuum-packed - refrigerated product
Storage: 150 days
Origin: produced and packaged by Salumificio Benedetto, Campo Calabro (RC)

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