Black pork pancetta tesa 400 g - Salumi Benedetto

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Pancetta is one of the flagship products of Benedetto cured meats. Its soft and sweet taste, together with the pleasantness of its perfume, makes it rare and precious.
Also aesthetically, the product preserves the characteristics of the typical Calabrian craftsmanship and when cut it has a balanced alternation between the bright red of the meat and the spicy white of the fat.

Ingrendients: Calabrian black pork meat, salt, sugars (dextrose, sucrose), aromas and spices. Antioxidants E301; preservatives E252, E250
Quantity: 400 g
Packaging: vacuum-packed
Storage: 150 days
Origin: produced and packaged by Salumificio Benedetto, Campo Calabro (RC)

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