Three Calabrian sandwiches

Born as the ideal solution for a quick but satisfying meal, the sandwich has become a concept food that can excite also the imagination of the most famous chefs. Inspired by that, we decided to suggest three gourmet sandwiches recipes... obviously 100% Calabrian.

Capoccolo, provola cheese, crushed green olives and tomato
Type of bread: flour 00.
The acidulous and the sweetness of the tomato are perfect to balance the flavor of the capocollo and crushed olives, to enrich it add a slice of tiled provola cheese. A bomb of flavor!
Goes well: SaisonSaison beer.

Rolled pancetta, pecorino cheese semi hard, eggplant fillets and onions cream
Type of bread: wholemeal flour.
Sapidity, sweetness and many, many heady Calabrian scents. This is a super sandwich to enjoy during the sunset and with your best friends.
Goes well: Jumara beer.

Spicy spianata, pecorino cheese with walnuts, pickled vegetables and olives paté
Type of bread: rye flour.
A triumph of taste that goes from the spicy salami to the olives paté, passing through the pickled peppers sweetness and the pecorino with walnuts richness. Unmissable.
Goes well: Strina beer.

What are you waiting for? Buy now what you need, taste these recipes and let us know what you think. We are ready to bet that you will enjoy!