The Advent Calendar of Bottega di Calabria

December has now arrived and the enthusiasm for Christmas is growing more and more in the families. How can we calm the spirits waiting for the 25th? You have to find something to pass the time, especially for children, while maintaining the magical Christmas atmosphere. A fun idea that children - and adults too - really enjoy is the Advent calendar, a traditional pastime from German-speaking countries, which has also taken root here for some years now.

These are special calendars that run from 1 to 24 December and help children keep track of how many days until Christmas. Every day there are indications on how to pass the time or delicious surprises with which to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

It is usually built or purchased by adults, but how does it work? Every day, starting on December 1st, a box is opened until Christmas Eve. To have fun, the opening of the box or bag, depending on how the calendar is made, must become a real ritual done at the same time of day. If there are more children in the house you have to take turns to entertain everyone.

It is exciting for the little ones to be protagonists in opening the little bag, in finding the little object, the little message, or the symbolic candy. In addition, the act of opening and discovering the little surprise helps to give a magical effect to the party, the same crackling atmosphere that you breathe when you open the packages that Santa Claus will leave under the tree on Christmas Day.

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