Stroncatura pasta with Tropea red onion and guanciale

The stroncatura (or "struncatura" in Calabrian dialect) is a type of pasta that boasts its origins in the Calabria of 1800. Much consumed by the poorest part of the population, according to tradition it was obtained from the collection of leftovers in the warehouse of pasta factories. In this very inviting and tasty recipe, it is seasoned with caramelized Tropea onion and crunchy guanciale.

Ingredients for two people

  • 250 g of struncatura pasta Soldano
  • 250 g of Tropea red onion PGI
  • 4 slices of guanciale
  • 25 g of brown sugar
  • 90 g of Magliocco red wine
  • 40 g of red wine vinegar
  • EVO oil

The recipe

Put the chopped onion in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and cook it over high heat until it has reached a brown colour, then add the sugar, the wine and when the alcohol has evaporated also the vinegar and mix until a shiny and bright product is obtained.

Tropea red onion PGI

Cut the guanciale into strips not too thin and cook it without adding fats. Once you have obtained the desired crunchiness, remove it taking care to leave the sauce in the pan.

Calabrian guanciale

Drain the pasta al dente keeping some of the cooking water, then put it in the pan where the guanciale has cooked. Once the pasta is amalgamated, pour one ladle at a time of water until the cooking is complete. Finally add the onions and stir for a couple of minutes.

stroncatura pasta

Once the pasta is on the plate, add the guanciale and, if desired, a sprinkling of seasoned pecorino cheese. Enjoy your meal!