Red wine with fish: how do they go well together?

Once it was said that with fish red wine was forbidden, but today things have changed. It is a fact, for example, that with oysters you drink not only champagne but also Pinot Noir. So for those who are tired of drinking only white wine, here are the simplest and tastiest combinations of fish and red wine to bring to the table.

It happens more and more often in the restaurants to see red wines in combination with fish dishes. In order to realize that this is not an absurdity, it is enough to make a simple reflection: when you match a wine with a dish, you don't just consider the matter with which it is prepared but all its characteristics.

Just think of the meat: with a grilled rib you will never match the same wine chosen for the roast veal. The same thing should also be done with fish: a shellfish soup cannot be considered like a baked turbot. Different flavours require different combinations, if we start from this consideration we can understand why a red wine can be the right match with certain types of fish.

Fish soup and Gaglioppo

The classic fish soup is a stewed dish prepared with tomato, spices and chilli pepper. The intense and spicy aroma of this recipe does not go well with the acidity of white wine, in fact the perfect combination is with a soft and full-bodied wine. Thanks to its typical fruity scent, the Gaglioppo it's a good choice paired with fish soups.

Cod and Greco Nero

Whether steamed or in tartare, mantecato or fried, the strong aroma of cod is enhanced by the harmonious and delicate taste of Greco Nero. A particular but certainly right combination.

Grilled fish and Magliocco

When the menu is based on blue fish, opening a bottle of Magliocco is never wrong. With Magliocco, in fact, there are not only full-bodied and important wines, but also lighter and fresher versions that go wonderfully with grilled fish. And even when turbot, mackerel or sardines are on the dish, it should not be believed that they serve wines with great body. In fact, if you do so, you run the risk of running into the bitter taste of the tannin that clashes with the marine flavour.

In the presence of a fish dish, therefore, it is wrong to exclude a priori the possibility of matching good red wine. The combinations of flavours could be surprising! If you haven't already done so, visit our cellar now and choose your favourite Calabrian wines.