How to make Patate 'mbacchiuse with Tropea onions

Patate 'mpacchiuse are a typical dish of the city of Cosenza, a simple and tasty traditional recipe that can present itself in different variations.

This dish is so defined for the type of preparation that causes the potatoes to stick together during cooking, so that they are 'mpacchiuse. The potatoes are very soft inside with a kind crust outdoor and can be enriched and flavored with many ingredients and customize them according to your tastes. We have chosen the Tropea onions, the most classic and common combination, but there are variants of peppers, porcini mushrooms and even with the addition of bacon!

Ingredients to make Patate 'mbacchiuse with Tropea onions:

- 930 gr of potatoes

- 240 gr of Tropea red onions

- 60 gr of extra virgin olive oil

- salt

How to make Patate 'mbacchiuse with Tropea onions

To prepare the mashed potatoes, first, peel the potatoes, then cut into slices about 3 mm thick. Then peel the onion and do the same thing: cut it first in half and then in slices less than half a centimetre thick. Pour the oil into a pan, let it heat then add the potatoes. Season with salt, cover with lid and cook for 8 minutes, without ever stirring or stirring the pan. After the indicated minutes, move the lid, add the onions and cover again with the lid. Cook for another 20 minutes stirring the pan from time to time to prevent them from sticking to the bottom.

Then remove the lid and continue cooking for another 15 minutes over medium heat. At this stage you will not have to mix potatoes very often. In order to obtain perfectly intact potatoes, you only must skip them a couple of times, otherwise you can mix them with a wooden spoon, gently. When cooked, take the potatoes with a skimmer and transfer them to a serving dish. It will not be necessary to use absorbent paper. Serve the potatoes with onions still hot. Enjoy your meal!