Pasta with sun dried tomatoes: the Calabrian recipe

Mediterranean aromas and flavors for a fresh main course, easy to make and perfect for the summer season. A Calabrian version recipe which becomes the ace in the sleeve to pull out when there are guests in sight, perhaps without notice.

Ingredients for 4 people

How to make pasta with sun dried tomatoes

Pour two tablespoons of oil into a pan, add the finely chopped garlic, the coarsely chopped sun dried tomatoes, oregano, chili powder and the hand chopped basil.

In the meantime, cook the fettuccine in salted water, leaving them al dente. Drain the pasta and add it to the pan with a ladle of cooking water. Stir carefully and serve the fettuccine hot.

Suggested pairing: rose wine with a fruity and very fresh aromatic profile.