Pork guanciale: 4 ways to cook it

We are Italian, and this immediately qualifies us as good eaters, also because we live in the home of good food and fine ingredients.

People come from all over the world to taste traditional Mediterranean dishes, made strictly with native ingredients. To prepare excellent Italian dishes, in fact, what makes the difference are the raw materials, refined and inimitable.

Every region has its traditional dishes, but some ingredients are national, known and sold throughout the boot. One of these is certainly the guanciale, made famous by dishes like carbonara and amatriciana and also by the challenge with the bacon in many recipes.

Below we propose four dishes in which to make the best use of this delicacy with many nuances.

Velvety chestnut soup with guanciale

An excellent recipe to make with seasonal chestnuts, which brings a little warmth on the first cold days. It's a velvety with a few ingredients easily available throughout Italy, easy to make and suitable even for the less experienced.

Spaghetti with pistachio sauce and guanciale

A very tasty recipe for a gourmet first course, to bring to the table for guests and perfect in all seasons. Also in this case few ingredients but really good, to have a special plate of pasta.

Spaghetti carbonara

We could not fail to include spaghetti carbonara, the dish that has consecrated guanciale as one of the most appreciated cold cuts in Italy.

Bucatini amatriciana

And after the carbonara, we can't not talk about the bucatini amatriciana! The name of this dish, among the most cooked in Italy and famous in the world, comes from the city of Amatrice. It has then spread so much in Roman taverns to become one of the dishes of the culinary tradition of Lazio.