How to make Pignolata with Honey

The "Pignolata" is a typical dessert of Southern Italy that is prepared especially during the Carnival period. The original recipe may differs from one place to another, for the use of ingredients typical of a specific place. For example, "Pignolata di Messina" adds dark chocolate while Neapolitan "struffoli" (very similar to our pignolata) do not contain butter in the dough. We want to propose the true Calabrian recipe of "Pignolata with honey". Let's make it together!


  • Flour = 1 Kg
  • Eggs = 6
  • Sugar = 250 g
  • Seed oil for the dough = 100g
  • Seed oil to fry = 1 litre
  • Orange blossom honey = 500g
  •  A pinch of cinnamon

How to make “Pignolata with honey”

Take a bowl and pour: the flour, eggs, sugar, 100g of seed oil and a pinch of cinnamon.

Work this dough until you get a soft mixture.

Shape some cylinders (about the size of a finger), cut up and then roll them up.

Let the oil fry in a pan and then pick up the cylinders and immerse them in the pan.

When they will be golden, drain and put them upon paper towel.

Melt the honey in a saucepan and then dip them in it.

Arrange them in a pyramid shape, on a serving dish, and here you are: the “pignolata” well cold.