Italian Crepes with Anchovies "Crespelle con Alici" Recipe

Crepes with anchovies (also known as crispelle, cuddruriaddri, cullurielli, zeppole, grispelle in various local dialects) are a typical dish of the southern Italian cuisine, prepared especially during the Christmas period and in particular the eve of the Immaculate. Their origins date back to the Latin and / or Greek tradition and are said to have been introduced in Calabria by the French.

Italian Crepes with Anchovies Recipe

The ingredients to make 36 crepes with anchovies are:

-          800 gr of type 00 flour

-          36 fillets of anchovies in oil (as a filling you can also use nduja, dried tomatoes or seasoned ricotta cheese)

-          1 cube of brewer's yeast

-          150 ml of water

-          Salt

-          Sunflower oil or olive oil for frying

How to prepare Italian Crepes with Anchovies

First, melt the yeast in a glass of warm water and start kneading the flour adding the necessary water a little at a time, until a smooth and consistent dough is obtained. The dough needs to rise for about an hour covered with a cloth, until it doubles in volume.

When the dough is well leavened, bring the oil to temperature and meanwhile you can twist the dough around the fillet of anchovies. During the processing, it will be useful to immerse the hands in clean water, between a crepe and the other so that the dough does not stick. At this point, you can proceed with frying taking care to turn the crepes only when they are well browned, it will take about 2/3 minutes. Once fried, we advise you to put it on a sheet of absorbent paper to remove excess oil and let them cool!

Simple, tasty and ideal for any type of occasion, perhaps accompanied by a good glass of red wine, to eat alone or, thanks to their versatility, to be combined with any type of ingredient.