How to make jam: mistakes to avoid

Mistakes not to be made with home-made jams (and marmalades), from the equipment to the cooking.

For those who love to dabble in cooking, making home-made jams is rewarding and quite simple, although it takes attention and a bit of practice. The idea of enjoying the freshness and goodness of the fruit all year round entices and this is where conservation comes into play.

In this article we explain which are the 15 mistakes to absolutely not make when preparing home-made jam.

  • Confusing jam with marmalade
  • Don't be equipped, at least a little bit
  • Think that pectin powder is the enemy
  • Choose the most ripe fruit
  • Creatively interpret the fruit/sugar ratio
  • Neglect cooking
  • Don't know what to do with the surface foam
  • Skip the saucer test
  • Being superficial in sanitizing jars
  • Do not fill the jars immediately
  • Skip pasteurization
  • Do not check if vacuum is formed

In addition, should it happen, under no circumstances should these three "warnings" be ignored.

  • If it barely thickens
  • If it burns on the bottom
  • If the lid is inflated