How to defrost meat quickly

Thawing meat has never been so easy, even for the most careless cooks; just follow our advice.

It happens very often to return home after a long day of work and find that you have not taken the meat out of the freezer. Result? The meat is still frozen and dinner will not be ready in a few minutes as planned.

How to save the dinner in this cases? There are three very simple ways to thaw meat without affecting the flavour and aroma.

1. The pot upside down

Put the frozen meat in a sealed plastic bag, place an upside-down pot in the sink, place the meat on the bottom of the pot and put another pan full of hot water on top. The pressure of the water in the pan and the heat will ensure that the meat thaws in record time! After 5 minutes, the steak will be ready to be cooked in the pan.

2. The pot with hot water

Put the meat in a hermetically sealed plastic bag (each slice of meat should be placed in a single bag) and in the meantime heat the water in a pot. Once the first bubbles appear, turn off the heat and insert the bag with the meat to defrost, then let it rest for about 10 minutes. After the necessary time, remove the bag from the water and dry the meat with absorbent paper.

3. The microwave

The last method, among the three best known and used, is that of the microwave oven. Almost all models have a function that allows you to defrost the food quite quickly. In general, the microwave is an excellent ally in the kitchen, especially when you don't have time to stand in front of the stove. As for the timing, they change depending on the individual appliances, but it won't take more than 10 minutes.