Gluten-free products: shopping tips

Products for coeliacs can be purchased in specialist shops, in markets, supermarkets and pharmacies but not only; secondary channels such as e-Commerce can also be used. They can be bought freely by anyone, but for those already diagnosed with coeliac disease there is the possibility to use specific vouchers issued by the region.

Gluten-free products: which they are? How to recognize them?

Gluten-free products are those marked with the crossed ear of corn or the words "gluten-free". In some cases, such as sausages, canned legumes, pickles, frozen fish and all other products that are packaged and processed in large and potentially contaminating establishments, the absence of contamination is specified on the packaging even if they are products that do not contain gluten.

In specialized shops or large supermarkets with separate gluten free area you can buy a whole range of products for coeliacs without having to worry about reading the individual labels each time.

The most chosen products remain, however, the gluten-free alternatives to bread, pasta, cakes, pizza, biscuits and other wheat derivatives. You can buy packaged foods, certainly very comfortable, but you can easily find gluten-free flours or mixes to devote yourself to the home-made preparation of your food.

The best way to buy products for coeliacs is to rely on the many specialized retailers scattered throughout the state.

It is also possible to buy gluten free food from both independent and large chain supermarkets; many of the latter also have in-house product lines designed for coeliac sufferers. Private label products are relatively cheaper than those offered by large brands because they are sold at discount prices.